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Augmented Reality Implementation

This post is about my undergraduate final year project. I chose to implement an augmented reality application in Java. According to Wikipedia, augmented reality is augmentation of real world view with computer generated information such as sound or graphics. Here, the concept is about putting 3D graphics on a live video feed according to the position and orientation of a specific object, called marker, in the field of view of the camera to create the illusion of an object that’s actually not there. Continue reading Augmented Reality Implementation

Cartoonizing Photos

Photo cartoonizing is used in a broad range of applications and i’ve always wondered how it’s done. So, i’ve decided to make an application.

I’ve used three methods respectively: image segmentation, median filtering and edge detection. Segmentation reduces details that are not common in cartoon images, median filtering blurs the image and softens sharp edges and edge detection thickens edges. Continue reading Cartoonizing Photos